November Writing Wrap-Up

November was a great month for me, in terms of general publishing excitement. I released Night Seeker, the new City of Crows novel, and it performed pretty well. That gave me a confidence boost. 🙂

I did scrap another draft, unfortunately, but it was only 7,000 words this time. I realized that I started in the wrong place in the timeline for The Shape of Terror, the next Jonah Lane book. And since I hadn’t worked on the draft for a few weeks at the time anyway, I just went ahead and trashed it.

I started over in a different spot in the timeline, and the new draft has been progressing much better. I passed the 20,000 word mark a few days ago. Hopefully, I can finish the draft in December, in time for an early January release.

Learned my lesson last time though. No firm release date till I finish a draft, lol.

Anyway, The Shape of Terror is coming along. It’ll be my first release of 2023, and should be followed shortly by several more books. I might also try to get ahead in December by starting the draft of a second book, but that of course depends on how busy I am over the holidays.

As it stands, I’m in a pretty good place writing wise at the moment. If all goes well, 2023 will start with a bang.

– Clara Coulson


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