Jonah Lane


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Born on the wrong side of town and schooled in the wrong field of magic, private eye Jonah Lane is a little rough around the edges, but he always gets the job done. With a dash of blood magic and a soul-reaping dagger, he trawls the dark corners of Haverton, Ohio in search of the missing and the lost to bring solace to his paying clients.

When a young woman named Penny kicks down the door of his office and demands that Jonah investigate a fatal fire that the police deemed an accident, Jonah is initially skeptical of her claims about the fire’s true nature. But a paying client is a paying client. So Jonah agrees to take the case.

To his dismay, Jonah quickly discovers that more than one mysterious blaze has taken a life in recent months. And as he begins to dig into a web of deadly secrets and lies in the city’s poorest neighborhood, someone begins to throw up increasingly dangerous obstacles to stop him from discovering the truth.

But Jonah Lane has never failed to solve a case, and he brushes off threats like lint on his trusty trench coat. So no matter what, he will not stop searching for the answers. Even if his stubbornness gets him killed…again.


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Fresh off a lengthy recovery after his run-in with a demonic hitman, private eye Jonah Lane gets back into the game: by investigating the strange disappearance of four local college students. But what starts as a simple missing persons case quickly devolves into a nightmare when an encounter with an occult creature results in a public disaster.

Driven by the desire to find out the true cause of the disaster, Jonah goes on the hunt for an unknown occultist. But this occultist turns out to have power and influence beyond anything that Jonah could’ve imagined, and Jonah once again finds himself in the crosshairs of a dangerous showdown between the major occult forces of Haverton, Ohio.

Begrudgingly teaming up with the local OEC team, Jonah places himself on a collision course with an occultist who might be too much for him to handle. If he retreats, however, then gross injustice will win the day. And injustice in the occult world is something that Jonah Lane cannot tolerate.

Even if the pursuit of justice costs him his second chance at life.