January Writing Wrap-Up

As planned, I completed and published The Shape of Terror, the second book in my Jonah Lane paranormal mystery series, under my alternate pen name A.J. Burnes. I wrote close to 30,000 words over the course of the month to finish up the first draft, then edited that down by about 1,000 words to reach the final draft of the book.

For February, I’m moving on to the first book in a brand-new series. The book is called Under the Sun, and it’s the first installment in Uncanny Crime Log, which is an urban fantasy crime thriller series. The series follows a federal agent who works for an organization that resolves supernatural, or “uncanny,” crime.

I’m hoping to finish Under the Sun by the end of February and then immediately move on to book two in the series so that I can get the series well-established before I return to City of Crows and Jonah Lane for the next installments of both of those series in late spring/early summer.

Looking forward to having a productive spring and publishing some new and exciting projects!

Clara Coulson