Uncanny Crime


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Mage Simon O’Keefe has spent the last decade saving the world as part of a secretive organization of supernatural powerhouses. But when a major operation goes belly up and results in heavy losses, Simon decides he’s had enough of the rough life.

Transferring into an investigative job at UCID, the Uncanny Crime Investigation Department, in the mid-size city of Silvaro, New York, Simon at first thinks he’s in for smooth sailing. Only for the body of a prominent vampire to drop at his feet on day one, setting off a murder case that could unsettle the major supernatural powers that operate in the city.

Between the dead vampire and his prickly new partner, a younger mage with a chip on her shoulder, Simon struggles to navigate his new job in this unfamiliar place. But as the murder case grows more complicated by the minute, hinting at the existence of dark and dangerous criminal forces, Simon will have to overcome his issues and solve the mystery…

…or the next body to drop might be his own.


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Months after the murder case that nearly tore Silvaro, New York apart, mage Simon O’Keefe and his partner, Melody Reid, are called to the scene of a deadly nightclub fire. The club’s owner, a werewolf, insists that the fire was set by operatives of Clan Rochefort, the powerful vampire clan that commands a large portion of the city’s commerce.

The clan’s branch leader, Darius Montferrat, Simon’s almost friend, vehemently denies the accusation. But all the clues uncovered at the scene point in the clan’s direction, and Simon is forced to consider that Darius might be a liar…and a mass murderer.

Worse, the nightclub disaster reignites old tensions between the vampire clan and the city’s resident werewolf pack, inciting a spate of violence that spills over into the lives of the defenseless mundane humans.

With the city on a hair trigger, Simon and Melody, along with the rest of their UCID colleagues, will have to tread very carefully to resolve this case. Or the legendary wars between the vampires and the werewolves might leap out of the history books and land on the national news.


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Finally back at work after recovering from his last, near-fatal investigation, Simon O’Keefe is charged with figuring out why the weather in Silvaro, New York has taken a sudden turn for the weird. Inexplicable weather events have been cropping up all over the city, disrupting daily life and endangering the mundane humans.

Suspecting that an unsanctioned group of mages is practicing forbidden weather magic, Simon and his partner, Melody Reid, take a deep dive into Silvaro’s magical underground. But what starts as a hunt for mischievous mages quickly transforms into a race against time, when Simon and Melody discover that a weather spell of disastrous proportions has spiraled out of control.

With the help of all their uncanny allies, Simon and Melody rush to uncover the dangerous truth about the weather magic experiments and defuse the enormous spell…before it goes off like a bomb and takes the whole city out with it.